Yas Marina VINOVE kobiece perfumy samochodowe

Recollection: Abu Zabi, May, 1999

I was invited to take part in a certain, unprecedented architectural project organised by unique people. After meeting with them and presenting the specifics, I felt an incredible surge of energy. Hundreds of ideas rushed into my head.

That same day, I went to the beach, taking a sketchbook and a basket of fruit with me. I was looking at the white sand which was still with heat and the mint azure of the water. Suddenly, as if in a mirage, a female silhouette appeared on the horizon. As she was approaching, I spotted further details: ebony, black hair, a white dress, alabaster complexion and beautiful, light-green eyes. You won’t believe it…but in her hand she was carrying an incredible, huge bouquet of fresh, white flowers – roses, lilies of the valley and violets!

Enchanted, I was sketching unbeknownst to myself. When the woman disappeared, I looked at the sketch… I had it!

Yas Marina will be the scent in honour of my muse…

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