Memory: July, 1975, Oslofjord

It was one of the polar white nights. The VESPER yacht sailed through the transparent and crystalline surface of the Norwegian waters. It was almost midnight, and the sun fully illuminated the fabulous landscape of the fjord. I enjoyed the lonely cruise. The scent of the deck wood combined with the refreshing sea breeze made me feel deeply relaxed. I had not felt so relaxed for a long time.

Sailing along the longest Sognefjorden fjord in Europe, I heard an intriguing sound. Looking towards the horizon, where the hills met, I saw galloping horses. Beautiful fjord horses – the Norwegian horses – with dishevelled manes, with their dun colours shining brightly in the cool northern sun.

This feeling cannot be forgotten: the pure, undisturbed nature and me. I return in my thoughts to this spectacle with Oslo Nature Wood.

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