So many years have passed and I still keep coming back to that hot evening in Rome. Even now, I can feel this warm wind which delicately stroke my face as I was traversing the streets of the Eternal City at sunset riding a well-worn Vespa of a friend of mine.

After all these years, I can still recall the scent of omni present sandalwood and plums with their truly exceptional flavour that summer. Equally well I can remember a dark-haired girl who, for no apparent reason, a dozen golden balloons and elegant black shoes in her hand was walking down the paved streets barefoot as if she wanted sense the history that Rome has to tell.

This sight amused me so that I stopped and offered her a ride home. She looked at me with her brown eyes I had never seen before and after a moment of hesitation, without a word she accepted my proposal. When I felt her body against my back I could also sense a warm and intense scent of vanilla and cinnamon.

That summer was filled with a true and intensive fragrance of Rome … Rome VINOVE.

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