VINOVE samochodowy kondensator zapachu

magnifique auto parfum

VINOVE samochodowy kondensator zapachu

magnifique auto parfum

FAMILY fragrances

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The VINOVE family car perfumes collection is the answer to the universal need for fun, relaxation and joy in the company of your loved ones. Near and far family trips will take on a new light if they are accompanied by an unforgettable scent, highlighting the preciousness of every moment spent together.


Safety for the cockpit and the upholstering. The VINOVE car perfumes are contained in a durable polymer that is completely safe for the car interior. Together with the casing, it makes up a scent condenser. Tests have shown full resistance of those perfumes to high and low temperatures. None of the components used in the VINOVE perfumes interact with the materials used in car interiors in a manner that is harmful. The VINOVE scent condenser has a solid form, owing to which no substance – apart from the unique smell – will be released.


The noble form of the VINOVE car perfumes ideally inscribes itself in the style of contemporary cars.


The French lineage of the VINOVE car perfumes ensures a sophisticated combination of fragrance notes. Your car will gain an additional touch of elegance.


The VINOVE car perfumes last up to 90 days. The discrete scent is slowly released due to concentrated fragrance essences and technologically advanced polymers used as a vehicle for the aroma.


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