I was the last to leave the office. I made it … a complete and accepted project was lying there on my desk. Huge investment. And worth every minute of work!

This week has been really tough. All that rush, no sleep, stress … and yet it really gets me going, it makes my life meaningful and makes my dreams come true.

Proud of myself, I roll up the shirt’s sleeves while the tie goes into the basket. I am certainly not staying home tonight. The driver is taking me through the beautifully illuminated streets of the city centre. I tell him to stop and I start walking following the crowd. I enter the first pub on my way. It is stuffy and loud. The air is filled with a stinging aroma of ginger and sandalwood.

I order a drink, then the next one. I am a little dizzy from intense sensations and scents. My senses are attacked by the citrus freshness and the depth of saffron alternately.

I adore this exciting feeling and fragrance of VINOVE Warsaw by night.

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