Recollection, June 2012, Maranello

We meet again, you’re here again, following me with your eyes, watching my every move. I am dancing. I can’t hear your words, we are filled with music. I close my eyes. I move to a world where there are no rules. I am surrounded by love and desire. I can feel you on my skin, you tease my every nerve with your scent. I need to get out of here.

I fight my way to the exit, you stil follow me with your eyes. I need a break, I need to get away. I get in the car. I feel the brisk smell of orange. I turn the ignition key and the pungent scent of vanilla, pepper and coffee hits me. I’m wrapped in the floral scent, in the softness of jasmine. You won’t discover my secrets. I have no boundaries, I know no boundaries. I know my worth. I am strong, I am myself.

You can love me, but you should hate me. Get in.