Silverstone VINOVE męskie perfumy samochodowe

Recollection: July, 2015, Northampton

Victory!!! We’ve got the Grand Prix!!! I’m still getting carried away with euphoria! I still feel as if the champagne was gushing all over me, the confetti was just falling upon on me, and a girl with fiery eyes was leaning on my shoulder!

I love car racing. Today, on the Silverstone track, I was rooting for the winner. He was my favourite since the beginning. He’s ambitious, clever, demanding towards himself and the Formula One car, he’s focused and mentally strong. He’s courageous and isn’t afraid to take risk. He’s got instincts, the sixth sense…but, above all, he’s my friend.

I’ve decided to eternalise the smell of victory. VINOVE SILVERSTONE.

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