Monza VINOVE kobiece perfumy samochodowe

Recollection, November, 2000, Milan

It’s such a nice feeling being in Milan again!

Sitting at a table of my favourite confectioner’s, I was observing busy Milan as well as the elegance and dynamics of its dwellers. I was glancing at the street and at the fashionably dressed people walking along it. One of the women sitting near me caught my eye in a unique manner. She was emanating with downright electrifying charm. I don’t know whether it was the black of her hair and the distinctiveness of her features, the perfectly cut dress, or the bouquet of peonies in her hand. I couldn’t get my eyes off her. She courageously gazed back at me, finished her coffee, and left, leaving me in a very good mood.

In the evening that day, I was at a fashion show. As usual, I was sitting in the first row, savouring crumbly cookies with rose jam. I was applauding the fine outfits, wondering, at the same time, who was the person that presented such fine, exquisitely feminine and sexy clothing items. Finally, she appeared…. It was the woman from the confectioner’s. She immediately recognised me and gave me one of those daring lingering looks that you just can’t forget.

I eternalised Milan… the rose sweets and a courageous fashion designer in the MONZA VINOVE fragrance.

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