On my way to Dubai, I drop by my Paris office. I am tired of the flight and I dream of a moment of solitude sunk in a glass of French champagne.

I take the lift from the top floor and press the button. After a while the lift stops and the door slowly moves to the side … it is such a pleasant feeling to see her again. She looks at me and her shining, navy-blue eyes are piercing into me.

Her red hair delicately falls on the shoulders while the saffron dress subtly complements her femininity. A sense a refreshing fragrance of juicy tangerines and peaches. I stop as close to her as possible to clearly experience her scent. My senses are attacked by a tone of sweet vanilla.

In my mind, I am travelling to one of the gardens in Paris; I take her hand to offer her a journey into the remotest corners of my soul …
„Nice seeing you,” she says leaving the lift on another floor. For the next few moments, I savour her scent still present in the lift … it must be VINOVE PARIS.

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