Bahrain VINOVE rodzinne perfumy samochodowe

Recollection: May, 2004, Bahrain

Is there anything more fascinating than a sunset on a beach in Bahrain? With live music, hypnotising beat of the drums and bare feet, almost one hundred young people dancing on the sand? The orange and the red of the setting sun add a glow to their silhouettes, whereas the longer and longer shadows are playing boldly with music. The scent of Campari and freshly squeezed orange juice is mixed with refreshing green tea and seductive aromas of youth.

A handsome guy runs out of an orange super sports car parking near the beach, and the dancing crowd grabs him, tosses him up and sings in his honour… It’s my eldest nephew. He’s turning 18 today. He winks at me to thank me for the birthday gift.

What other feelings warm you up the way generosity does?

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