Sebring VINOVE męskie perfumy samochodowe

Recollection: August, 1989, the Everglades National Park, Florida

What a day! Another day of our men’s trip. We were on an airboat forcing our way through the pristine greenery of the mangrove woods and wetlands full of predators.
We discovered amazing places. I’m sure no one had been there before us. We dived inside caves. Clear water, moss on the rocks… and that smell! Incomparable with any of the aromas of civilisation. The smell of the water, the stones, the refreshing melon and citruses with a tinge of mint and exotic wood…
At night, sitting by the fire, we held long conversations about how to eternalise the atmosphere of our male adventure.
We know now how to do it. The quintessence will be SEBRING, one of VINOVE’s premiere fragrances.

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