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VINOVE™ New Product.

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VINOVE™ New Product.

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Vinove | Original WOMEN’s Fragrances | Monza

Monza is a thrilling scent for witty, creative and strong-minded women. An aroma of a sweet promise and mature sex appeal.

Vinove | Original MEN’s Fragrances | Sebring

Sebring is a scent of a masculine adventure in the middle of a wild nature in Florida. Inspired by adrenaline released by cave diving and cliff jumping.

Vinove | Prestige Wood Line | LONDON Riverwood

LONDON Riverwood is a mystery enchanted in strong notes of wood, cognac and coffee, and in the sweetness of honey, pineapple and vanilla.

Vinove | Prestige Wood Line | MILANO Modern Wood

MILANO Modern Wood is a creator of true art, a unique moment in which we know what we live for.

Vinove | Prestige Jewelry Line | Oslo Nature Wood
OSLO Nature Wood is a fragrance with a unique aroma which will accompany you throughout the day.

VINOVE Magnifique Auto Parfum — Premium Product
The exclusive VINOVE car perfumes were created by an international team of legendary French perfume creators, Italian designers and Polish scientists.